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Starflex Face Mask

  • Protection: N 95
  • Weight: 5.0±0.2 g
  • Color: White | Black | Pink | D Grey | C Grey | W Grey | Yellow | Green | T Blue
  • Manufactured as per NIOSH Approved N95 Mask Filtration Efficiency > 95%
  • Respiratior
  • It can easily fit on mouth and nose.
  • It has different layers from which you can get clean & fresh air.
  • You can use and wash it anytime because it is washable.
  • Keeps you away from dust, allergies, pollution and viruses.
  • It is very light in weight and will not feel heavy on your mouth.
  • it is specialty designed to fight against "All Virus"
Non-Medical Purpose use only
  • Place the mask over your face with metallic strip side outward and upward
  • Position both the elastic bands behind your ear and cover till your lower chin
  • Adjust it to your comfort and use your fingers to mould or press the metallic strip to the shape of your nose.

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